Welcome to the most Inspirational Event of 2018

with Les Brown at the iconic Central Hall Westminster, in the heart of London


Designing & Delivering A Presentation 

That Will Not Only Make Big Money 

BUT Also A Big Difference

Main Speaker: Les Brown - World renowned award winning Speaker

Dear Great One,

I’m coming to London, England for an extra special event on Saturday 20th January 2018.

Now, I wasn’t planning to come to London! But you have been asking me to return since October 2015 when we had a wonderful time together! Therefore, I have made time to stop over to see you and get you motivated for 2018

You see, I want you to ‘Live Your Dream.’

I don’t want it to REMAIN an unfulfilled dream though …

So, Let me ask you this:

· Do you have a plan?

· Have you set yourself specific goals?

· Have you started already?

· What have you achieved?

· Are you asking yourself – where did 2017 go?

· Are you earning what you set out to earn?

Well, I’m here to help you make 2018 your best year yet! Don’t worry

about what you didn’t get done in 2017!

It’s over! It’s gone! Let it go …

BUT DO NOT let it go to waste!

Use it. Use the good and the bad from

it. Grab the lesson it offered you

and don’t look back!

I LOVE motivating people and I good at

it – we will get you

moving forward!

We will help you turn your dream into

your reality!

I am HUNGRY to see you .....that's my

story and I'm sticking to it!

Les Brown

Les Brown's expert speakers:


Althea Grant is a Family Lawyer in England who stepped away from her profession to become a International Professional Speaker in 2012 and an Author in 2015. She has spoken on many stages in UK and abroad. She has shared the Stage with such luminaries as Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Donald Trump (now US President) Lord Seb Coe, Andy Harrington (Althea's first Mentor) and in South Africa at the same event as Keynote Speaker Sir Richard Branson, Raymond Aaron, Greg Secker, Dr John DeMartini, Robert G. Allen and many more.

Raymond Aaron has committed his life to teaching people how to dramatically change their lives for the better. Raymond transforms lives by helping people tap into their own potential.

Today, Raymond is helping people achieve greater wealth, branding, recognition, confidence, respect and authority. Raymond teaches his clients how to become respected authorities and experts in their fields.

Alfie Best is a successful multi-millionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist, driven by tenacity. With humble origins, born and raised in a Romany Gypsy family, this self-made man studied at “University of Life” and started his professional path totally from scratch. However, coming from a poor background and a minority group only gave him even more desire to succeed.

Douglas Vermeeren: Are you ready to level up your speaking business? Then you you need to meet Douglas Vermeeren. Douglas Vermeeren is the CEO of 10X Your Speaking Business and considered the top speaker trainer in North America. His students are reaching top tiers in their speaking business. He is also the producer of 3 of the top ten personal development movies of all time and a regular featured guest on FOX, FOX Business, CNN, ABC, NBC and others on the business of speaking. He is the author of multiple books on growing your speaking business in today's marketplace. If you are ready to grow your speaking career you’ve come to the right place.


Marie Cosgrove

Jacek Salek

Chis Mere' Mallard

CHris Hill


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  • You are a public speaker or trainer and you want to significantly increase your income.
  • You are a coach or consultant who wants to increase their visibility, status and positioning by presenting to larger audiences so they can increase their prices by working smarter not harder and longer. 
  • You are a business owner looking for a way to get business coming to you rather than you having to go out continually hunting for it with all the associated time and expense costs. 
  • If you have attended seminars, workshops and events before and thought to yourself I would like to be up on that stage one-day. 
  • You are someone with knowledge and gained through your life experiences and you want to help people that are facing the same problems you did, as a way of giving back and making a difference. 
  • You’ve thought about writing a book but don’t know how to structure the content, market it online or get it into WH Smiths Waterstones or Amazon. 
  • You are an industry expert who wants to be seen as a key person of influence so you get paid what your knowledge and knowhow truly deserves.



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Les Brown in London 2018

Welcome to the Most Inspirational event of 2018

with Les Brown at Central Hall, Westminster, London!

Are you fired-up and in flow in your business - or stuck and feeling stagnant?

Take a massive leap towards greater success, impact, and clarity in your personal life and business.

Discover proven strategies for success and how to inspire others with the power of your story.

Grab your chance to know how Les Brown can change your life!

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